Contributing Artists

Contributing Artists are an important part of what we do and we accomplish a lot together! Special Thanks to the Artists and Professionals below for lending their talents and expertise to our Winter 2017 production of Disney's The Lion King, Junior. 


Megg Sicotte-Kelly Co-Artistic Director    

(Art direction, masks, make-up, costumes, props, puppets & more )

 Masks, costumes by Megg | Photo: Kevin King

Masks, costumes by Megg | Photo: Kevin King

Megg has lived in the beautiful Ojai Valley for over four years. Before relocating to Ojai, she worked in television production and technical theater in L.A. and New York. She began training in theater when she was eight years old, and graduated with a bachelors in Film and Digital Media from U.C. Santa Cruz. FULL BIO

 Zazu puppet by Megg | Photo: Kevin King

Zazu puppet by Megg | Photo: Kevin King


Tara Saylor     (Set Construction ~ Sun)

Tara is an Ojai native who has recently returned. Growing up in Ojai she performed in many community theater productions. Since graduating college she has worked in the fields of Interior Architecture, Experiential Design, Festival Production and Build. Upon her return to Ojai she has taken her first steps into the field of construction. Building was her first love and it has only grown stronger.

 Setting Sun, OYES' The Lion King, Jr | Photo Sam Gall

Setting Sun, OYES' The Lion King, Jr | Photo Sam Gall

Chen Ly

Chen is grateful to be a part of OYES The Lion King Jr. production.  She has been an avid participant in theater arts and the textile world ever since.  Chen has worked with Broadway Bound Children's Theater in Seattle as a costumer and scenic painter.  She moved to California to work in film costuming for Star Trek Renegades production, and the Annenberg Wallis Theater in Los Angeles.  


Special thanks to the PARENTS for helping us make The Lion King, Jr a wonderful experience for all!  We just couldn't have done it without you! 




Scenic Art Direction










Sheryl-Jo Bedal (Zebras, Pumbaa (body), Hyenas, Lioness Corsets, & more!)

Sheryl Jo Bedal has been making costumes for almost 30 years, and doing children's productions for 18 years in the Ventura county area.  She enjoys building costumes that aren't the typical outfit, but the creative, imaginative kind.  She loves working with children because their enthusiasm and excitement is so fun to be around and they really get into their parts.  Sheryl Jo is very excited to be helping OYES with Lion King Jr because she saw the original play versions years ago and fell in love with it and has always wanted to help create some of those spectacular costumes.  Thank you Megg and Danae for this wonderful opportunity.

 Hyenas, OYES' The Lion King, Jr | Photo: Kevin King

Hyenas, OYES' The Lion King, Jr | Photo: Kevin King


Josef Franden

Josef Franden is a Southern California native who has been working in the Entertainment Industry for over 10 years.  Most recently he has worked in the Art Department of Shooter for the USA Network. 


Adam Dunn ~ Lighting Designer


Gavin Takase-Sanchez ~ Scenic Artist

 Pride Rock, Scenic  by Gavin Takase-Sanchez | Photo: Kevin King

Pride Rock, Scenic  by Gavin Takase-Sanchez | Photo: Kevin King

Gavin Takase-Sanchez is a Mexican-American, Texan-born musician, artist and guitar luthier with over 20 years of experience performing and teaching drumming and percussion. He is a native to Houston, Texas where he studied African and Afro-Cuban drumming and percussion. He also trained with Kaminari Taiko of Houston under the tutelage of Taiko Master Seiichi Tanaka who first introduced traditional Japanese Taiko drumming to American culture in the 1960s. Among Gavin’s many roles as an active member and performer of various drumming ensembles, Gavin has served as the assistant music director for Kaminari Taiko of Houston and teacher for children’s drumming workshops. His experience has taken him across the US South West touring with such groups such as the Festival of Cultures Tour by which he has spread awareness and education of music and culture from different nationalities. Gavin recently moved to Ojai, California and currently teaches adults and children at Pulse Drumming in Ventura, California. He enjoys sharing his passion for music, art, and culture from around the world and is looking forward to contributing to the music and theatre community of Ojai.


Daena Bleu Santoyo

Co-Artistic Executive Director

(Good with a glue gun and graphic design)

Daena's background in architectural design and drafting contributed to the set-design planning for The Lion King, Jr and along with co-directing the production, she worked with engineers and contractors to design OYES' new lighting grid (and hot-glued costumes together whenever possible).

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 12.25.06 PM.png

Len Burge III

Sculptor, illustrator, jewelry, fine art fabrication- installation, animation, prototypes, production, director, art direction, Len E. Burge III is a never-ending river of astonishing talent and a true artist that knows his craft like no other in his field. Millions of people have viewed the films and videos of his exceptional work. ~ Amy Fulton

AKA "Ava's dad who makes stuff"


Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 1.04.56 AM.png







Andrea Carrillo  (Props ~ Pumbaa (head), baby Simba)

Andrea is a doll maker / soft sculpture artist native to Ojai California and a tentative resident of planet earth. She has a desperate need to create all the creatures who reside within her head for fear that they may make a messy escape as they eat their way out! She prefers soft materials but has been known to use any manner of found object, from bugs and bones to car parts and medical equipment for the crafting of her creatures. Want to see more of her dolls and weird art? go here......

 Baby Simba prop by Andrea 

Baby Simba prop by Andrea 


Rachel Hunt ~ Make-up/Face Painting

Rachel is excited to be giving back to the community that inspired and supported her as a kid. Actively involved with the Ojai Art Center and the Ojai Civic Light Theater, she has done many productions such as Music Man, Beauty and the Beast, Grease, West Side Story, as well as several youth written one act plays. The opportunities to be in these theater programs and have teachers such as Jeannie Carlson and Sharon Butler, who offered scholarships for dance and art classes, provided Rachel with positive activities and places to go when home life wasn’t so.

Rachel has over 10 years experience working and teaching children in many areas of education. Rachel attended Ventura College and Santa Barbara Community College earning her certificate in early childhood development.  Her love for sign language and deaf culture grew, and she now enjoys incorporating signs into all her work with children and sharing the beautiful language. 

 Young Nala, OYES' Lion King, Jr | Photo: Kirby Russel

Young Nala, OYES' Lion King, Jr | Photo: Kirby Russel

Daena Bleu Santoyo   

Co-Artistic / Executive Director

Good with a glue gun and sharpies.


 Backstage, The Lion King, Jr 

Backstage, The Lion King, Jr 

As Executive Director, Daena has worked with the OYES team and co-artistic director, Megg Sicotte-Kelly, to create a foundation for OYES in the Ojai Valley community.  In addition to working with grant-writers, launching and co-producing The Ojai Wine Walk Benefit, developing new projects such as Dr. Who Drama Club,  and the new Meet The Artists campaign designed to feature the artists and professionals, contributing to OYES' youth productions.

"We strive to provide a quality work and entertainment experience for our young cast members," says Daena, " and it's important that we acknowledge the professional contributions that help us meet this goal. We see the reciprocation of respect and professionalism in our young actors and audience members -- it's truly a rewarding experience for all!"