What Your Gift Means to OYES

What your gift means to OYES

"OYES is a wonderful part of the performing arts tradition of this community. The professionalism of their productions is always astounding to me. My daughter has been performing with them for several years and watching her growth has been a real treat. They are not only teaching her indispensable skills with regard to performance and public speaking, but they are providing a venue where she can be surrounded by other children performing a wholesome extracurricular activity." 

- Matthew Auric (Ojai, CA)


"At OYES, children from all walks of life are brought together."

"The experience of being part of a production at OYES is similar to that of being part of a sports team. Children learn that each role is important, no matter how small. Each person has to do their best to support the show. For my high-energy son, OYES has given him a place where his high energy is valued and encouraged, not stymied, building his confidence. I have witnessed the value OYES provides other families.

     I've seen OYES provide a place for children with physical challenges, such as cerebral palsy, to use their bodies and voices to transport an audience to other lands full of magic and love. When I watch the productions at OYES, my eyes fill with tears of pride for not only my children, but for others' children, knowing the hard work and courage that is behind each performance, big or small, and how that child's life will never be the same. At OYES, children from all walks of life are brought together." 

- Debora Kirkland (Ojai, CA)

Your gift today makes a world of difference for us.  

Please make a donation of $5, $10, $25, $50, or $100.  

Each gift means more when we give together!

How Does It Get Any Better?

GivingTuesday-OYES - Untitled Page.png

What an amazing year.

It's not really the right time of year to start talking about how amazing the year was (we're a little early). But we just can't contain ourselves -- or our excitement and enthusiasm for all the support and gifts we have received this year! 

 We feel the love.

Last month, Jim and Robs Fresh Grill hosted a benefit fundraiser for OYES.  It was awesome! Rob said we had a turn-out that matched some of the local schools and popular nonprofit organizations in Ojai. THIS IS BIG NEWS! Congrats and thank you! 

Throughout the year we've received gifts from parents, friends and local businesses -- we couldn't be more thrilled!

And now, we've already started receiving sponsorships and donations towards our upcoming youth performances for Singing in the Rain, Jr.  How did we get so lucky?  


Now the big question.

Will you join us next week? We've prepared a nice little Facebook event where everyone can join in, read stories, post stories and more -- and we're inviting you to make a plan to share or give to our campaign on this special day.  What else is possible? 

Make a plan to give to OYES on November 28th!

Is Time Travel Possible?

We absolutely LOVE this take on Time Travel and #GivingTuesday! 


Facebook Event hosted by www.timetravelers.org

Travel Through Time for #GivingTuesday

"After the hysteria of Black Friday winds down -- take a moment to reflect on the past and meditate on how great the future can be AND DO SOMETHING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN IN THE PRESENT!

In this virtual event open to anyone who's participating in #givingtuesday we're asking everyone to take 10 minutes to "Time Travel".
Invite your friends and loved ones between now and 11/28.
Then, on #GivingTuesday at 11:28 AM in your time zone: 

  1. Reflect on the past. (2 min)
  2. Envision what you want the future to be like. (2 min)
  3. Make a donation of any amount to any charity that will propel us toward the timeline that you dreamed up. (4 min)
  4.  Tell the world about it by posting the name of your charity and donation amount to this event wall so we can tally the results! (2 min)"

What an awesome way to celebrate #GivingTuesday!

Join OYES and thousands of nonprofit organizations around the world. 

Make a plan to give to OYES on November 28th!

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