How Does It Get Any Better?

GivingTuesday-OYES - Untitled Page.png

What an amazing year.

It's not really the right time of year to start talking about how amazing the year was (we're a little early). But we just can't contain ourselves -- or our excitement and enthusiasm for all the support and gifts we have received this year! 

 We feel the love.

Last month, Jim and Robs Fresh Grill hosted a benefit fundraiser for OYES.  It was awesome! Rob said we had a turn-out that matched some of the local schools and popular nonprofit organizations in Ojai. THIS IS BIG NEWS! Congrats and thank you! 

Throughout the year we've received gifts from parents, friends and local businesses -- we couldn't be more thrilled!

And now, we've already started receiving sponsorships and donations towards our upcoming youth performances for Singing in the Rain, Jr.  How did we get so lucky?  


Now the big question.

Will you join us next week? We've prepared a nice little Facebook event where everyone can join in, read stories, post stories and more -- and we're inviting you to make a plan to share or give to our campaign on this special day.  What else is possible? 

Make a plan to give to OYES on November 28th!