Is Time Travel Possible?

We absolutely LOVE this take on Time Travel and #GivingTuesday! 


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Travel Through Time for #GivingTuesday

"After the hysteria of Black Friday winds down -- take a moment to reflect on the past and meditate on how great the future can be AND DO SOMETHING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN IN THE PRESENT!

In this virtual event open to anyone who's participating in #givingtuesday we're asking everyone to take 10 minutes to "Time Travel".
Invite your friends and loved ones between now and 11/28.
Then, on #GivingTuesday at 11:28 AM in your time zone: 

  1. Reflect on the past. (2 min)
  2. Envision what you want the future to be like. (2 min)
  3. Make a donation of any amount to any charity that will propel us toward the timeline that you dreamed up. (4 min)
  4.  Tell the world about it by posting the name of your charity and donation amount to this event wall so we can tally the results! (2 min)"

What an awesome way to celebrate #GivingTuesday!

Join OYES and thousands of nonprofit organizations around the world. 

Make a plan to give to OYES on November 28th!

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You've heard the news... right?

2016 was an exciting year for us!  For over 7 years, Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio (formerly Theater 150) resided in downtown Ojai, CA.  In 2016 the building went up for sale.  We decided that we couldn’t allow an organization with so much potential, that affects the lives of so many children and families in Ojai and Ventura County to be abandoned and dissolved. We relocated our programs to the Ojai Valley Community Church (OVCC) Youth Center.  We built a stage, installed our theatrical lighting, and created a home for our students and families to grow - within 3 weeks!  

Since 2012, Thousands of families per year (and growing) experience growth through collaboration, artistic expression and the “magic” of theatre through OYES, as students and audience members. We involve community volunteers for our events and classes, and offer an umbrella for programs such as the local seniors choir.    

OVCC has been wonderful! With their outstanding support and co-sponsorship, we have been able to provide a truly rewarding experience for our young students, instructors, staff, and members of the community. While we love the location, we are very much aware that OVCC has been actively trying to sell their campus for nearly 5 years.

 We would love to create a permanent home for youth theatre in the Ojai area. To learn more about participating on a committee for future site planning, please inquire at  


The OYES acting program is the only one of its kind in Ojai. In this small valley, we lack affordable educational programs for children. With our lack of arts education in public schools, we are in desperate need of afterschool enrichment programs like OYES. Most studies show that children who study the arts at a young age have greater social skills, persistence, positive and creative thinking, motivation, collaboration skills, and problem-solving abilities. Sadly, the arts programs are those that are first to get cut in public schools. Without OYES, my son would have had very little or no exposure to acting and music at his age. I have been enrolling my son in the program continually for 6 years now and he absolutely loves it. The people who run the program really care about the children involved and work to nurture each child’s individual talents. They work incredibly hard to make the theater experience as educational and positive as possible for the children, while inspiring creativity and a love for theater arts. I have not encountered an afterschool program as wonderful, caring, and beneficial as the program at OYES.”
— Pamela Fetter (Ojai, CA)
If we didn’t have OYES in Ojai there would be no theater for my child. Most companies are in Ventura. We love having something so close as we live in Oak View, and time/work constraints would not allow us to find an acting company so far away from our home. OYES provides classes on multiple days and times that are very convenient to working families. Their fees are very reasonable and they offer scholarships to help more families participate. OYES is essential to the community of Ojai. They provide and encourage opportunities for children to explore creatively and express themselves in a positive outlet.
— Heather Duncan, Headstart Preschool Teacher (Oak View, CA)