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  1. Learn your music right away. DO NOT WAIT for an introduction at rehearsal.
  2. All music will be instructed during rehearsal time, however, all lyrics (lyrics are your lines) must be memorized by April 9th.

  3. Practice tip: Speak your lyrics out loud, then sing along with the rehearsal track.

Where can I find my music? (4 ways to get your music)

  1. NEW LINK (discard previous download and USE THE NEW TRACKS AT THIS LINK). Download from WeTransfer -
  2. Play music from our website
  3. Youtube (NOT an OYES channel) - Playlist Link
  4. Request a CD - Turnaround time to burn playlist to a CD and distribute at rehearsal can be up to 2 weeks. Message info - at - ojaiyes - dot - org  

What songs am I singing and when? 


(Scripts will be marked during rehearsal.  Don't "x" out pages at home)

  • CUT Pages 37-39 -- Stay, We Must Not Lose Our Senses (section cut from the production).
  • EDIT Pages 64-65 -- When The Foeman Bares His Steel (measure 74-84) EDITH vocal part assigned to ISABEL
  • CUT Pages 96-99 -- Finale (portion of the score cut from the production.  A page of recitative lyrics will be provided for Ruth and Major General. Resumes on page 99 - Finale (pt 2) resumes at "Poor Wandering One" -- continues to end.

What dialect should I speak for my character?

RUTH - Cockney Dialect:

PIRATES - Estuary Dialect:

DAUGHTERS, MAJOR GENERAL, CONSTABLES - Received Pronunciation (RP) Dialect:


General notes and character objectives

Pirates: Akin to the “Lost Boys” of Peter Pan; longing for ‘homelife’ away from the unsuccessful life of piracy

Pirate King: Flamboyant - too tender-hearted to do what pirates are supposed to do.

Samuel: Pirate Kings’ right-hand man

Frederic: Male Ingenue. Ridiculous, extreme “sense of duty”. Dramatic.

Mabel: Female Ingenue. Overlooks Frederics pirate past, and claims him as her beau.

Ruth: Older woman, nurs’ry maid. Cares for Fred, loyal to pirates.

Major Generals Daughters: Wards in Chancery of the Major General. Distinct personalities. Charmed by Fred, but pirates unsuitable beaus.

Sergeant:  Brave leader of the police brigade. But , gets cold feet when daughters call upon them to go to ‘death and glory’ in battle