The Lion King, Jr - Photography provided by Kevin King

At OYES, children from all walks of life are brought together.
— Debra Kirkland, Ojai, CA

Originally founded in 2001 as Theatre 150, Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio (OYES) is dedicated to challenging, inspiring, educating & entertaining children and families in the Ojai Valley through the experience of quality theatre, dance and music. 

Growing a child's love for theatre arts

Studies show that an appreciation for the Arts helps strengthen the bonds of Community life. We aim to grow a child’s love for theatre and the arts by cultivating fervent audience members for the future. Without audience members, the arts couldn't survive!  We strive to impart an organic, deep appreciation for the Arts and community for kids both on and off the stage.  

YOUTH Musical Theatre Program

OYES produces after-school drama and musical theater enrichment programs culminating in showcase performances for children in grades K through 12.

Our program operates similarly to an after-school dance, music, or sports program.  Included in the weekly rehearsals are a range of drama enrichment exercises and games to build performance skills, team-building, as well as rehearsal time to learn music, staging, and choreography for their show. Each production offers an opportunity to explore a skill for mastery, and all participants registered in the program receive a role in the production. 

Performance-based Programs - As part of our enrichment process, OYES produces fully realized productions that perform on the OYES Youth Center Stage. The onstage performance process teaches students many invaluable skills that can last a lifetime such as: preparation, organization, team-building, personal growth, improved memorization, strategizing, goal-setting and commitment, working with peers and adults towards a common goal, and many other strengths. OYES’s team aims to reward the hard work and commitment of our students with fully-realized productions to bring out the best in ourselves and others!

Busy lives and Family Time - With class rehearsals meeting just once weekly, our program is designed to allow participants time for rehearsals, homework, dance, music, sports and family. 

“The educational component of our theatre program builds a wide range of skills both on and off the stage that often helps children throughout their adult lives with everything from public speaking to confidence in business, persistence and a deep understanding of collaboration, self-organization and deadlines.”
— - Daena Santoyo, OYES Executive Director 


For each Spring, Summer and Fall/Winter session, OYES may offer a variety of classes, camps and workshops complimentary to the musical theatre program. Over the years, OYES has offered workshops for Auditions, Improv, Stage Acting, Student Directed One-Act Plays, Voice/Chorus, Physical Theatre, BodyTalks Movement, On-Camera Acting, Writing, Monologues (writing and coaching), Technical Theatre, Film Production, and always more.  

What We've Achieved

In 2012 Founding Artistic Director, Krista Kim, began Ojai's first all-youth musical theatre program designed to work with the busy schedules of families in the Ojai Valley, with rehearsals taking place only once per week culminating in a full-scale performances.

Since 2012 OYES has...

  • Produced over 60 youth and intergenerational musical productions and plays

  • Awarded over $15,000 in scholarships

  • Reached thousands of families as students and audience members

  • Helped students overcome shyness, build healthy relationships, set and achieve goals, build public speaking confidence, and many more life-skills which are integrated into our teaching methods